Serving our land’s history on the table

A simple cuisine, which keeps the genuine soul and country traditions of this land alive in every dish. The steaming vegetable soups, the soft zuf (corn and pumpkin soup) and panada (bread based soup), to be enjoyed by a crackling fire, will warm your heart. Those who love stronger flavours will appreciate the meats and traditional dishes prepared with pitina (smoked wild game meatball), muset (seasoned pork sausage) and brovada (turnip kraut) , figadei (pork liver sausage) and luganeghe (traditional sausage), served on warm bread or polenta and flavoured with local herbs. Not to mention cheeses, real treasure chests in the summer, which make you experience the full fragrance of our mountain pastures. Tradition meets innovation in our DOC wines, rewarded and appreciated all over the world, be it the delicate whites or the proud reds, with a more defined aroma. And to top it off, our traditional sweets, grappa and spirits for all tastes! Good things are also good for the heart.
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