The Archaeological Area of Torre - Pordenone with love
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The Archaeological Area of Torre

In Torre di Pordenone just three kilometres from the town centre on the left bank of the river Noncello is the site of a Roman villa, whose murals are on display in the museum. They are among the most significant examples of Roman painting found in Northern Italy. Originally the fresco fragments were probably from a single frieze, in  which it is assumed to be represented an Amazzonomachia, which in its confrontation between human and animal forces would have easily symbolised, in the Augustan or Tiberius era, the tensions on the acquisition of new territories on the eastern borders of the Empire.

At the site, there are also remains of the sostrutiones, that is, pillars to raise the floor to create a storage area. The villa can also be accessed from one of various footpaths in the adjacent grounds; a vast area of several acres, part of which is a nature reserve, crossed by the clear waters of the old watercourse.

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