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Conquering the Caneva Castle

To conquer the Castle of Caneva has been the ambition of many since the Middle Ages, especially the Lords of Treviso who repeatedly sent their horseman to lay siege between the XI and the XV centuries, but with poor results..


If weapons were once needed, today you just need a good pair of legs and enthusiasm to take on the challenge.  The route is certainly suggestive and, in fact it is one of the most popular and hardest targets for bikers.




Departure: Caneva
Arrival: Caneva
Distance: 10 km
Journey time: 1 hr. if trained up, 2 hrs. for tourists
Difficulty: Pleasant route, very technical, full of ups and downs that are also easy on foot.  Approximately 1 km of asphalt, the rest on dirt, trails, mule tracks, meadows... More (The link you are accessing might not be in English.)