Spring | Pordenone With Love


Be inspired by Vivaldi and Botticelli!

When spring arrives, the days get longer, the temperatures warm up and the nature reawakens from the cold season: it’s time move again! Enjoy the fresh air and the sun carrying cheer and health!
Come on! Get out of the house and appreciate every aspect of life with a bike ride, a walk, a camping in the green, a cultural visit or a traditional celebration on Sunday!
The province of Pordenone offers all you are looking for: charming natural sceneries of the Friulan Dolomites (Unesco’s World Heritage), Magredi (special nature protected areas), gorges, lakes and waterways that variegate the landscape from the hills to the valley.
In addition, there are endless spring activities you can choose among: excursions, trekking, paragliding but also an amazing trip on a touristic train of the Valcellina or the thrill of crossing the suspended Tibetan bridge in the Natural Reserve of Forra Cellino.
One thing is for sure: in such a vast and enchanting territory it is not difficult to know what to do!
The best time to visit the province of Pordenone is from March to September because it is full of events:  food festivals, historical reenactments, rally races, bike marathons, music festivals, concerts, cultural exhibitions and sightseeing tours. Do not miss this opportunity!
For those who love culture and tradition, here there are fascinating and exciting small villages, such as Poffabbro, Valvasone, Cordovado, Polcenigo, Sesto al Reghena and Toppo.
All six have been included in the “Most beautiful villages of Italy” club.
Well, the keyword for this season is “Relax and recharge in our nature!”

“it’s that you are behind all things, Spring, that you start writing in the  moisture with fingers of a playful child, the raving alphabet of  time that returns.”  (Pablo Neruda)