Culture | Pordenone With Love


From prehistory to the future: the history of a land that knows how to reinvent itself


In major towns or in smaller villages, everywhere you can feel the richness of our Province’s history. You can visit hundreds of churches, villas, palaces, but also industrial buildings and workshops that marked the development of the territory in an innovative and original way. A rich museum network, covering various cultural aspects and collecting historical and archaeological findings as testimony of a centuries-old artistic tradition and the high level achieved by the region in craftsmanship and manufacturing, enriches an architectural heritage that has been able to defy time and natural disasters. You will discover a long and glorious past that lives on and is always renewed through events suitable for all ages and inclinations. Literary and Film Contests, exhibitions and theatrical seasons, costume re-enactments and historical festivals make you both relive our traditions and be exposed to the most important trends of contemporary culture: the territory of Pordenone will satisfy your curiosity providing entertainment and knowledge as well.