Activities | Pordenone With Love


Being won over by the charming province of Pordenone is very easy. You just need to let yourself be carried away by the sight of great outdoors and the colours of the landscape, or to set your thoughts free to fly up to the snow capped mountain tops and then hover along the gentle slopes down to the valley. These are the wonders you can see while visiting Pordenone, which can also amaze you with a rich choice of activities and events, including sports, cultural, historical and musical get-togethers.

Moments that beat the passing of the year with a host of activities. From events lost in the mists of time to the most modern festivals that have attained considerable international visibility in the last few years. The website shows the full calendar of events and activities. You can easily take advantage of this opportunity and visit Pordenone on the occasion of the events. It’s a different way to discover one of the nicest sides of this eclectic province. No doubt it will leave you good memory for ever.