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Carnera the gentle giant

Carnera is probably the emblem of success of a Friulian immigrant. Primo Carnera was born in Sequals in 1905 and was the first Italian to win the world heavyweight title in 1933 by beating Jack Sharkey at Madison Square Garden. A life on the climb, marked by hunger and poverty, but also by determination, fairness and good will.  Carnera was able to hold the name of Friuli high in the world by adapting and doing any type of work, even the most humble of jobs, before becoming famous. Carnera was called the "gentle giant" because of his stature (he was 2.05 metres tall and had n°. 52 size shoe) and his great sensitivity (it is said that he almost always apologised to his opponents for his particularly powerful punches).  Primo Carnera chose to return to Sequals to spend the last days of his life. "Prima come Carnera" (“First like Carnera”) is the motto that the province of Pordenone has chosen to represent it -  an unbreakable bond with its greatest champion.